Leehurst Swan School


Independent Co-Educational Day School

Tel: 01722 333094

School Aims

Our Mission is

To encourage every pupil to find their voice

The Leehurst Swan education is one based on Christian values, high academic standards, breadth of curriculum, exceptional pastoral care and fundamental British values. It is designed to celebrate the individual and foster the unique interests and talents of each pupil from reception to GCSE. Everything we do is carefully sculpted to create a community of learners in small classes, who are supported in pursuit of their passions and talents and well equipped to meet the challenges of the present and the future.


  • To safeguard all members of a flourishing, sustainable school, committed to the development of good practice and sound procedures in all areas of child protection.
  • To provide a supportive, nurturing, family-centred school community based on Christian values, where every child is valued and encouraged to excel. 
  • To provide a broad, innovative and holistic curriculum, focusing on creativity and independent enquiry with high academic expectations and achievement.
  • To place strong emphasis on the individual and their personal development.
  • To provide a vibrant and inclusive sporting and extracurricular programme.
  • To adopt a global perspective and encourage links between the school and the wider community.
  • To promote a sense of social responsibility and appreciation of the needs and gifts of others.
  • To equip our pupils with the skills necessary for adult life.



  • “I like the family atmosphere, everyone is really friendly and we look out for each other.” Kim, Year 7
  • “My daughter is incredibly enthusiastic about attending school and talks excitedly about her day’s events and friendships she has formed.” Year 4 parent
  • “A wonderful, happy school that provides an all-round education, which meets the needs of pupils both academically and socially.” Parent of children in Years 9 and 11
  • “I like the sports facilities, we have lots of equipment and the variety of sports is great.” James, Year 7
  • “The facilities are really good. Art and DT are my favourites”. Alice, Year 7
  • “School trips are great. I went to Italy to play rugby and it was brilliant.” William J, Year 6
  • “Coming to this school has definitely given me an advantage”. Sven, Year 11
  • "Thank you to all staff/teachers because I wouldn't be who I am today without you all" Immy, Year 11 (2020)
  • "Thank you to everyone who has made Leehurst so enjoyable and memorable" Tom, Year 11 (2020)
  • "The best years of my life so far.  It's all been a blast." Alex, Year 11 (2020)
  • Thank you to all the staff, they have helped me improve massively since my move [in Year 10].  They are so supportive and treat me as if I am one of their own." Flo, Year 11 (2020)
  • "Thanks (everyone) for believing in me and helping me see the potential that I am able to achieve." Josh, Year 11 (2020)