Leehurst Swan School


Independent Co-Educational Day School

Tel: 01722 333094



Welcome to Leehurst Swan’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. We have compiled a list of the most asked questions to help you better understand our school.

How can I obtain a prospectus?

We would be very happy to send you a Leehurst Swan prospectus. To request a copy please telephone 01722 333094 or complete the form on the  website. https://www.leehurstswan.org.uk/prospectus-welcome

When can I look around the school?

Mrs Bateman, staff and children welcome visitors to the school at most times during the school day. During the Autumn and Spring term we hold an open morning and in the Summer term we hold an open evening.

How can I find out more about the school before I make an application or accept a place?

Choosing the right school for your child is an extremely important decision and we would strongly encourage you to contact Mrs Middleton, the Registrar, if you have any questions about Leehurst Swan. We would also urge you to have a visit to see the school in action. Individual tours give you an opportunity to see the school during a normal working day. Open mornings/evenings are a chance to tour the school and meet the staff in the company of a pupil guide. We can also arrange meetings with the headteacher so that you can ask her any questions you may have.

No-one in our family has been to an independent school before. Does that make a difference to our application?

Absolutely not! A large proportion of our pupils are the first member of their family to attend an independent school and our community embraces families from every kind of background. Our Registrar is very happy to offer extra help to families who are unfamiliar with the process, to make admission as easy as possible for your child.

How many children are there in each class?

We aim to keep our classes at up to 18 pupils across the school.

When is the best time for my child to join the school?

Children join Leehurst Swan at any time of the year, as long as we have spaces available.  The exact timing will depend on your own circumstances. For some classes we have waiting lists, so it is advisable to plan ahead if you want your child to join us by a particular age.

How will I know how well my children are doing?

Full written reports are sent out twice a year. Parents' evenings are held in Autumn and Spring terms. Children who join during the school year receive a short report after the first month. The school keeps careful records of pupil progress. Parents are encouraged to contact the school and speak to the form teacher at any time.

How do I register my son/daughter?

A registration form must be sent to Leehurst Swan indicating your interest in the school. This is essential for the administration of the entrance examination (Y7) or for the taster/assessment day. Please contact Mrs Middleton for a registration form. 

Why are your fees lower than other independent schools?

The governors of our school wish to make it widely accessible to as many parents as possible. We would like as many children as possible to benefit from a Leehurst Swan education. We are a day school with no Saturday lessons and we have efficient buildings without expensive overheads therefore allowing us to concentrate on education.

Is transport available?

Minibuses run from the north of Salisbury (through Shrewton, Durrington and Amesbury) and collect daily from Salisbury railway station.

Do you provide wraparound care?

Our school provides supervision between 07:00 and 18:00 on each school day.

What are the things I need to look for in a school and at Leehurst Swan in particular?

  • The pupils – are they happy and making progress?
  • The curriculum – is it broad, balanced and high quality?
  • Extra-curricular – are activities, sports, music, drama and art provided for?
  • The ethos – Leehurst Swan nurtures a culture of appreciating the needs and gifts of others.

Our school is a friendly, caring school where individual strengths and interests are identified, nurtured and given a voice.

Having visited, who can I talk to in order to ask personal questions as a follow up?

The Registrar, Mrs Smith, is always available to help with any specific concerns you may have and can be reached by telephone on 01722 333094. We can also arrange for the headteacher to contact you if you have any questions.

I don’t know anybody else whose children go to Leehurst Swan. Is there a parent who might be willing to talk to me?

Our parents are very supportive of our school and we can certainly arrange for one of our parents to contact you. Please do contact Mrs Middleton, Registrar, who will arrange for one of our parents to be in touch.