Leehurst Swan School


Independent Co-Educational Day School

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We are justifiably proud of our school, but don't take our word for it...


What Our Parents Say

My overall comment about Leehurst Swan would be "worth every penny!"

(Year 6 parent, July 2021)


"I was unprepared for the difference between Leehurst and other schools, it really is that good! I can’t thank the teachers enough for all they do for my son, he has been happier, more confident and intellectually stimulated since he started at Leehurst Swan."

(Year 5 parent, March 2021)

"An exceptional school! My daughter has gone from a quiet, timid learner to a diligent, confident GCSE student making excellent progress and it is all down to Leehurst Swan. We throughly recommend this school!"

(Year 10 parent, March 2021)

"I can’t speak highly enough of this school. So pleased we found it."

(Year 5 & 11, October 2020)

"Leehurst Swan is simply an excellent school, and just below the surface you'll also discover, as we did, an engaging philosophy of development that's proven to be extremely effective. Thank you."

(Year 7 & 9 parent, May 2021)


Our Pupils' Thoughts

"All the teachers are inspirational and I thank you all very much."

(Year 11, May 2021)

"I truly enjoyed every moment."

(Year 11, May 2021)

"As a school, we stick together and we all make friends in a second"

(Year 6, July 2021)


And There's More!

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