Leehurst Swan School


Independent Co-Educational Day School

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We love what we do and it is our privilege to teach such wonderful pupils. It is heart warming to receive such lovely feedback, thank you!


Our Lovely Pupils

'I look back on my time at Leehurst with feelings of great elation; the memories will last a lifetime.'

(Year 11, 2019-20)

'Thank you to all the staff, they have helped me improve massively since my move from Burgate.  They are all so supportive and treat us as if we are their own'

(Year 11, 2019-20)

'Thank you to ALL staff/teachers because I wouldn’t be who I am today without you all'

(Year 11, 2019-20)

'I would like to thank all the staff for always being patient with me when I messed up. Thank you for being patient and pushing me so I could reach my full potential.'

(Year 11, 2019-20)

‘I would first like to start off with commemorating everything Leehurst has given me in my many years of attendance; the truly fantastic staff, the plethora of opportunities provided and an environment that has allowed me to develop fundamentally into who I am as a person today with all the critical aspects one should accrue through a lifetime of education.'

(Year 11, 2019-20)

'Thank you to everyone who has made Leehurst so enjoyable and memorable, and to Mr Willan for helping me to get my maths GCSE!'

(Year 11, 2019-20)


'Enjoy your school. It’s honestly the best years of my life so far'

(Year 11, 2019-20)

'Thanks to everyone for believing in me and helping to see the potential that I am able to achieve. I am extremely thankful to Mr Willan who pushed me to get the grades I achieved. A special thank you also goes to Mrs Bateman who has been there and supported me through my journey at Leehurst'

(Year 11, 2019-20)


Messages from Our Families

'To the truly wondrous Leehurst team. It’s been quite a year, but hats off to you all. We have been so impressed by the ingenuity, dedication and inspirational teaching given by the Leehurst staff. Credit to the leadership too. The positivity radiating from every newsletter and through the school has kept the mood up. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts’

(Y9 parent, 2020)


‘Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team for all the hard work and keeping up with the constant changes. Appreciate it and that is why [pupil] and we love being at Leehurst!’

(Year 9 parent, 2021)


‘I have often thought, throughout [pupil’s] time at Leehurst, how pleased I am that he is there, and never more so than during this awful pandemic. The staff are so committed to providing the best education for the children, and consider their welfare a priority. My heartfelt thanks to you all.'

(Year 11 parent, 2021)


'I just wanted to pass along a note of thanks for all the hard work the teachers have put into making the home schooling work for everyone - students and teachers. It’s been really successful for our family, and our children have adjusted well. It’s been good for them to stick to their normal school schedule, and they’ve enjoyed the assignments so far.'

(Year 9 parent, 2020)


'I have contacted specific teachers to thank them for everything they are doing for our students. The Leehurst Swan community is really pulling together.  Lesson work is well organised and seems to be well balanced in terms of content and volume. The chat facility is brilliant for the students to talk to teachers.'

(Year 8 parent, 2020)