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We are a happy and successful community, with excellent examination results. This is accomplished by nurturing the individual qualities of every pupil, and by providing an environment in which personal achievement and success are the norm.

Our pupils are motivated, inspired and challenged across the curriculum in a broad range of subjects. A programme of Personal and Social Education, which widens pupils’ views and understanding of contemporary issues, complements their academic studies. Traditional Christian values are central to our ethos, with mutual respect, tolerance, and care for others as hallmarks of our pupils.

We are committed to co-education in which both sexes achieve equally well, learn from each other, and are fully prepared for life beyond school.


Academic Achievement

Academic standards are high. The importance of a broad and balanced curriculum giving opportunities for academic excellence cannot be underestimated and remains paramount.

Students leave well qualified academically and with a broad range of experience and skills.We are particularly proud of our 'value-added' measurement, which shows that students make considerable academic progress.

Leehurst Swan’s pursuit of academic excellence is a major goal. While the value of an all-round education is encouraged, nurtured and developed. Students are given the confidence to contribute to the school in any area where they have talent. We also provide many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and to take responsibility as they move up through the school.

Core Subjects

A good command of English is essential in modern life. We encourage pupils to work independently, be creative, think critically and communicate ideas with confidence. Our aim is to develop a curiosity about words which make readers think, feel and imagine. We cover a wide range of texts, study plays, novels and poetry.

In Mathematics pupils develop enjoyment, confidence and understanding, to enable each pupil to reach his or her full mathematical potential. We look to stimulating pupils’ interest in this subject whilst highlighting the importance of mathematical skills and their application in everyday life.

Mathematics is an exciting subject which is not only satisfying in its own right, but continues to be universally accepted as one of the essential subjects required by universities and employers alike.


Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught as separate sciences; all pupils study triple Science throughout the Senior School giving them scientific skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works and its essential role in society.

Sciences are taught with a blend of practical, and theoretical, including ICT, approaches. We seek to develop understanding with exciting hands on experiments and demonstrations. Small classes allow a great range of practical experiences and Science trips reinforce learning.



History and Geography are taught as separate subjects. Historians and Geographers have a unique viewpoint combining historical, political and economic aspects with an understanding of the physical processes. They develop environmental concern and an appreciation and tolerance of peoples’ attitudes and values.

We study a variety of topics from Pompeii and volcanoes in Year 7 to tourism and teenagers in Year 11.

Historians can be seen on the Battlefields of World War I, whilst Geographers are busy collecting data out on the Dorset coast. We enliven our lessons with discussion, TV programme clips, music, handling of artefacts and presentations.

In Religious Studies pupils learn about the beliefs and festivals of the major faiths. They are taught values, respect and understanding. They explore moral issues and discover new things about the world. Our studies are about real issues which are being discussed and debated in Parliament in Great Britain and elsewhere, including matters in the news.

Modern Foreign Languages


French is taught to all pupils from Year 7 to Year 9. Pupils develop the ability to use French effectively, creatively and imaginatively for practical communication.

In Year 8 pupils choose their second modern language of either German or Spanish. We aim to make languages fun and enjoyable, supported by visits to France, Germany and Spain where pupils can soak up the culture in a relaxed way.

Our students quickly get a good grasp of languages and continue with at least one language to GCSE.



The ICT department aims to provide students with an active and engaging learning experience, providing students with the necessary skills to succeed in their studies as well as prepare them for the workplace.

The department embraces and explores the use of the latest software and technologies to encourage pupils’ interest in ICT beyond the classroom.

Throughout their studies, pupils explore and develop their practical skills in a number of software packages and hardware use, building their independence, confidence and evaluative skills.

Design Technology


Design Technology offers hands on skills development in construction and design.

We focus on Resistant Materials (particularly wood and plastics), Electronics and Graphics. Pupils spend a double lesson every week, designing and making a variety of different projects. A further lesson is spent working on CAD (computer aided design) skills. These sessions are complementary to the ongoing projects and provide progression in a wide range of skills: using hand tools, machines and computers.

Expressive Arts


Imagination and creativity are essential tools for life and Leehurst Swan excels in promoting the development of these skills through the Arts.

A vibrant and dynamic Drama Department provides a range of theatrical experience; Music allows the development of an array of musical talent and the highest standards in technique, expression and performance.

Art and Photography have an enviable reputation for the exceptional standard of creativity they produce.

There are regular concerts, performances and exhibitions allowing every pupil the opportunity to perform and display their work and be proud of their achievements.

Art and Photography

There are many diverse ways to express your creativity, be it drawing and painting, ceramics, printing, collage, textiles or 3D sculpture.

All pupils throughout the school are taught by enthusiastic specialist teachers with extensive commercial experience within Art and Design.

In addition, the school boasts a dark room for traditional photography and a dedicated suite of PC’s with Photoshop to enhance digital photography.

Recent trips were to New York, Amsterdam and Spain as well as London exhibitions and using local resources to stimulate the creative talents of our pupils.



Pupils explore all musical genres participating in a wide variety of listening, performing, and composing activities, with an emphasis on practical work and enjoyment.

At Key Stage 4 pupils can opt to study music for GCSE. Pupils spend time developing their performing and composing skills. In addition specific areas of study include World Music, Western Concert Music, Twentieth Century Experimental Trends, and Popular Music in Context.

We have choirs and orchestras and we stage numerous concerts and productions throughout the year.



Drama flourishes at Leehurst Swan ranging from small productions to full-scale musicals. We have recently opened the ‘Walker Hall’, a multi-purpose performance venue offering outstanding facilities for music and performing arts.

The emphasis is on participation, teamwork and fun! Some pupils will have a technical interest and can assist with designing and operating sounds and lighting for our events.

Regular workshops and theatre visits take place in all Years and there are lively extra-curricular Drama clubs.

Beyond the Classroom

Leehurst Swan School believes in the value of a holistic education which allows for the blossoming of a myriad of talents and in this light we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities together with exciting trips abroad which educate and expand horizons.

Every pupil is encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible and in this way develop their talents to the full. We also have a range of field trips and visiting speakers.

Our academic year is filled with exciting trips and recently we have travelled to the United States, to France, Spain, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. We believe in taking learning outside of the classroom and bringing it alive for our pupils as well as building happy memories for pupils to look back on in future years.


We love to see all pupils enjoying their sport. We believe that sport is for everybody and produces enormous benefits for those participating. To help achieve this we ensure that all pupils are taught by specialist PE teachers and swimming instructors.

We want our children to have a love of sport and we make sure that they can develop the skills, knowledge and expertise that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

We hope to motivate and encourage pupils to extend their skills by playing sport for local clubs and organisations.

We have a full fixture list which covers weekly matches, local festivals, and annual tournaments. Inter-house sports competitions readily take place. Our team games include: netball, hockey, football, rugby, cricket, tennis and rounders.

All pupils also have the opportunity to participate in swimming, athletics, cross-country, gymnastics. trampolining, basketball, volleyball, circuit training, aerobics, table tennis, yoga and skiing.



Leehurst Swan is a school which prides itself of being ‘One community, One family’, and this ethos is evident to all who visit us. Our pupils range from 2 to 16 years and form part of a strong school community, based on Christian values of kindness, mutual respect and support.

We are a thriving and happy school where pupils enjoy excellent relationships with each other and with staff. This was recognised in our recent Inspection where these relationships in the school were described as ‘outstanding.’ We aim to educate the whole pupil in a caring manner, providing a strong foundation of independent learning and firm moral values, which pupils will carry forward with them into a successful future.


Visit Leehurst Swan and you will see happy, busy pupils forming friendships and laying down the educational foundations that will last a lifetime. We pride ourselves on the high standard of pastoral care we provide. We want our pupils to develop into confident, independent young people, who share our Christian values of respect and care for the individual and awareness of the needs of others. All pupils have a Form Tutor who is responsible for their pastoral welfare. They will see each other morning and afternoon for registration. Also to help our pupils do the very best, every pupil in the Senior School has an Academic Vertical Tutor, who continues with the pupil throughout their time in the Senior School. The tutor will monitor your child’s academic progress to ensure they receive all the help and guidance they need to meet academic targets and achieve the best GCSE grades possible.

"I’ve settled in really well here. I love the small class sizes and I get lots of help when I put my hand up."

Maurice, Year 7

Personal Development

We aim to put the development of every child at the heart of all we do at Leehurst Swan. We offer a complete education in which our pupils’ commitment to music, art, drama, sports, the environment and to helping others through community and charity fundraising are a credit to them. Pupils are expected to demonstrate care for each other and value the contributions others can make. They celebrate the achievements of others and are keen to show their work in displays around the school. A very high standard of behaviour is expected from the pupils, whilst they maintain a high level of self-confidence and a willingness to serve. Good relationships exist between pupils and their teachers who deliver a well-structured Personal, Social, Health, and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) programme. Leehurst Swan provides an excellent foundation to launch them into the wider world as independent, well-informed and active citizens.

"The staff are always willing to help and offer support."

Henry, Year 11


Pupils are prepared for Post 16 destinations throughout the Senior School with careers advice and information being provided to all year groups. Pupils benefit from moving on and meeting new challenges after Year 11, in preparation for Higher Education and other options.

In recent years many pupils have chosen to study A levels in the Sixth Forms at the two Salisbury grammar schools. Both schools offer a wide A level choice and Leehurst Swan pupils have achieved considerable success in these highly academic environments. Other pupils prefer a broader education, provided at Sixth Form colleges, encompassing both A levels and vocational qualifications and the International Baccalaureate. Amongst the most popular are Burgate, Brockenhurst and Peter Symonds, all of which offer a wide variety of courses and achieve excellent results.

Leehurst Swan pupils usually gain entrance to their first choice of institution and we enjoy receiving reports of their successes from their Post Sixteen provider. Many of our former students keep in touch with us and report back proudly on their progress.

"Leehurst has been a very positive experience for both of our girls, and we will all remember it with great affection."

Year 11 Parent