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Leehurst Swan Scholarships

Our school wishes to attract pupils who demonstrate excellence within a given area to enroll at the school. To this end, a series of scholarship places are available. These places provide both a reduction in fees but, more importantly, give successful candidates access to a programme of excellence which will develop them as individuals. These are available to boys and girls who can show a talent in either the academic, artistic, musical or sporting arenas.

Scholarship awards are for a percentage reduction in fees and are decided upon by the Head and in consultation with key members of the Senior Leadership Team. The heads of English and mathematics also have input through setting and marking examination papers. The heads of art, music, drama and PE input into the awarding of the respective scholarships.


Year 3 Scholarships

There are two academic scholarships available for children entering Year 3. These are dependent upon performance in an examination.  The scholarship examination for entering Year 3 occurs in the January of Year 2.  The examination consists of tests in numeracy and literacy.

The value of the scholarship will be up to 30% of the fees and will be valid for as long as the child is in the prep school.


Senior Scholarships

A range of scholarships exists for Year 7 and 9 pupils entering our senior school who excel within an area of the curriculum.

Scholarships are awarded to pupils who demonstrate that they will both contribute to the continued success and strong reputation of the school, and those who will gain most from the opportunities our scholarship programme provides. There is no set value attributed to any one scholarship award, although each award has a published ceiling. Our headteacher makes the final decision on the number and value of the scholarships offered. The recipients will remain on the scholarship programme until the end of Year 10 and keep the fee discount until the end of Year 11, subject to outstanding end of term reports which demonstrate continued high standards of work, performance and behaviour. 

The headteacher is under no obligation to award a scholarship if she does not feel that there are candidates of the right calibre. She also retains the right to remove a scholarship if a scholar is not performing to the standard required.


Academic (fee discount up to a maximum of 30%)

The senior academic scholarship is awarded to a pupil who has the potential to gain at least seven grade 7-9 passes at GCSE.  Academic Scholars are expected to take a set of EBacc subjects at GCSE and therefore must choose at least one of the four sciences, at least one humanities subject, (history geography or religious studies) and a language within their GCSE Options. Assessment for the Academic Scholarship is completed via the entrance examination. An Academic Scholarship is only awarded to the pupil who achieves the highest grade, which is above the required standard, across the raft of papers set.  Examination papers include English, mathematics and science.


Art/Performing Arts/Sports (fee discount up to a maximum of 25% per scholarship)

A performing arts, art or sports scholarship is awarded to a pupil who shows flair within either PE, music, art or drama. If a scholarship is awarded and accepted within one of these areas, there is a requirement that the pupil will carry this subject through and study it at GCSE level. There is also a requirement that the pupil continues to achieve to a high standard or represent the school within their scholarship area. For example, a music scholar would forfeit their scholarship if they decided they no longer wanted to perform in school concerts or school events.

 Pupils applying for a scholarship must be able to provide, or be achieving, the following level:

  • Art: art pupils are expected to present a portfolio showing their artistic work in at least four different media.
  • Music: to qualify for a music scholarship, pupils are expected to have reached a minimum standard of Grade 4 on their main instrument and at least Grade 2 on a second instrument (voice qualifies as an instrument).  
  • Drama: to qualify for a drama scholarship, pupils are expected to have reached a minimum standard of LAMDA Grade 3 or similar and demonstrate a natural flair in two audition pieces to the head of drama and headteacher.
  • Sport: to qualify for a sports scholarship, a pupil is expected to have attended county trials in his or her major sport or to be able to show evidence of a high level of achievement in a county or national competition. Pupils would also be expected to show evidence of having regularly been involved in two different sports at a competitive level. They would also need to attend the scholarship performance morning so their ability can be assessed by the head of PE and headteacher.

Parents accepting scholarship awards must be prepared to sign that they will keep their son or daughter at the school until the end of Year 11 unless they move out of the area or there are other extenuating circumstances.  

Military discount

10% discount for children of military personnel.

NHS 'Heroes' 

10% discount for children of NHS parents.