Leehurst Swan School


Independent Co-Educational Day School

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At Leehurst Swan we create an atmosphere of happy endeavour in which our children are motivated to work, play and achieve to the best of their abilities. Both inside and outside the classroom, we generate enthusiasm and a conviction that learning is fun.

Our pupils are caring, well-mannered and confident. Learning and laughter are an essential part of the school day and each child feels valued, happy and secure.

We promote our pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development in a framework of traditional Christian values, and prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

All Years consistently achieve outstanding results in KS1, KS2 and Scholarship examinations, confirming the care the teaching staff devote to the success of each individual pupil. A wide variety of teaching methods are used to stimulate pupils.

Broad Curriculum

The children are nurtured to develop their particular talents, whilst following a broad and stimulating curriculum. As they progress children develop greater independence and take greater responsibility for their studies.

Children benefit from a wide range of learning opportunities in specialist classes. In addition to the curriculum delivered by the form teacher, specialist teaching in Science, Art, Design and Technology, Music, PE, French and ICT, using the best of modern and traditional teaching methods, stimulate learning.

An extensive programme of visits, including some residential trips, enhances classroom work.

Core Subjects


Leehurst Swan aims to inspire and encourage pupils to read, write, listen, discuss and to think with a natural passion. We encourage pupils to interact with each other on all levels; through group, paired and individual activities.

Mathematics is taught in a way designed to develop pupil's confidence in an environment which is stimulating and enjoyable. We want to show pupils that Mathematics can be fun!

In Science we encourage pupil’s understanding of experimenting, the importance of using the correct vocabulary, and that ‘having a go’ is the most important part of that process of discovery and learning.


Our pupils receive enormous benefit and enjoyment from sport and it is highly valued. All pupils have access to specialist PE teachers and swimming instructors.

We believe in sport for all, and encourage good sportsmanship and fair play at all times.

We want our children to have a love of sport and develop skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We have a full fixtures list. Inter-House sports competitions take place and our team games include rugby, hockey, football, cricket, netball and rounders.

Girls and boys also have the opportunity to participate in swimming, athletics, cross country, tennis and gymnastics.

Arts/Drama/Design Tech

Art and Design and Technology are both expertly and passionately taught in the dedicated Art Studio, by specialist teachers who work closely with the children to develop their skills and creativity. Children have many opportunities to work with a wide range of media which include modelling, drawing, painting, 3D, clay, plastics, textiles and wood.

Theatre and theatrical workshops take place in the ‘Walker Hall’, a multi-purpose performance hall, offering outstanding facilities for music and performing arts. Drama and performances are given throughout the year.

As well as the educational and enjoyment factors, it is well known that acting is a great boost to overall confidence and above all the lessons are fun!



Music is a powerful subject that can change the way pupils feel, think and act. It brings together intellect and emotion, and enables personal expression, reflection and emotional development as well as enjoyment.

At Leehurst Swan the Music Department is a busy and vibrant place with emphasis on inclusion, and enjoyment through active participation, helping to develop confidence, self-esteem and appropriate skills to ensure that they enjoy their music-making. We have a wide range of peripatetic music teachers visiting the school to teach individual instrumental lessons.


We encourage innovation, inspiration, and responsibility and aim to provide pupils with an active, engaging and fun learning experience.

Pupils are confident in their practical use of a number of software packages as they develop as learners, building their independence, and team working skills.

Individual Attention

At Leehurst Swan we value the gifts and talents of every child and help them to develop their specific strengths and capabilities. We offer personalised learning within the class room and a broad range of extra-curricular activities providing opportunity and encouragement for everyone to reach the highest level of achievement. We also acknowledge and encourage what pupils achieve out of school.

We delight in helping children discover abilities and interests they did not even know they had. Some of them have then gone on to enjoy considerable success in their chosen field.

Gifted & Talented


We know that a number of our pupils show enhanced academic capability and still more demonstrate talent in specific skill areas. We acknowledge the importance of helping every child to recognise the spectrum of their abilities in order to fulfil their potential; every child has
the opportunity and encouragement to reach the highest level of achievement.

Learning Support

Learning Support at Leehurst Swan reflects the school’s Christian, caring and family ethos, and is an integral part of the whole school. Learning support is driven by the needs, learning styles and interests of the child.

A variety of techniques and strategies are used to tailor make individualised learning programmes. As well as specialist 1:1 lessons. Consistent liaison between the Department staff, class and subject teachers helps everyone understand the children’s needs. The school has recently gained Crested recognition for the support given to pupils with dyslexia and mild learning difficulties.



Boys and girls who are happy at school are far more likely to do well. This is why we attach so much importance to their pastoral care. We want our pupils to develop into confident, independent young people who share our Christian values of respect and care for the individual, and awareness of the needs of others. The school encourages involvement in community service and the pupils participate in various fund-raising activities to help others less fortunate than themselves. 

Our values are summarised in the School motto:

‘Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est’  ‘

Where there is charity and love you will find God’

Beyond the Classroom

Clubs provide opportunities to try exciting new activities, forge friendships outside of the classroom and develop existing skills and interests.

There is an extensive range of opportunities on offer to boys and girls of all ages - whatever their interests. Many extra-curricular activities run weekly throughout the year, some are seasonal.

Trips are in abundance, visiting local places of interest linked to topics covered or studying these abroad. Residential trips begin in Year 5.

We never have time to get bored!

Outdoor Activities


Trips are in abundance. We believe in taking learning outside the classroom and bringing it alive for our pupils as well as providing happy memories for pupils to look back on.

Visiting local places of interest linked to topics covered also provides valuable understanding and enjoyment for our pupils.

Residential trips, including international trips take place in Year 5 and 6.


Leehurst Swan pupils enjoy their sport and getting involved at every level. We encourage good sportsmanship and fair play at all times. We want our children to have a love of sport and develop skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

We play a full fixtures list with other schools including weekly matches and annual tournaments.

We have Inter-House sports competitions including athletics, rugby, hockey, football, cricket, netball and rounders. Tennis, swimming, basketball and other sports are also coached.

In addition to sports facilities on site, we have a sports field and sports pavilion located in the picturesque Cathedral Close.

Sporting activities and training sessions take place during lunch hours and after school. Each term a list is published of the activities on offer.



Clubs provide opportunities to try exciting new activities, forge friendships outside of the classroom and develop skills and interests.

There is an extensive range of opportunities on offer to boys and girls of all ages - whatever their interests.

Many extra-curricular activities run weekly throughout the year, others are seasonal.

Clubs take place at lunch times, after school and all Prep pupils have two activity sessions during the school week.

We never have time to get bored!



Leehurst Swan is a school which prides itself on being ‘One community, One family’, and this ethos is evident to all who visit us. Our pupils range from 2 to 16 years and form part of a strong school community, based on Christian values of kindness, mutual respect and support.

We are a thriving and happy school where pupils enjoy excellent relationships with each other and with staff. This was recognised in our recent Inspection where these relationships in the school were described as ‘outstanding.’ We aim to educate the whole pupil in a caring manner, providing a strong foundation of independent learning and firm moral values, which pupils will carry forward with them into a successful future.

Senior School Preparation

Pupils are prepared for the Senior School entrance examination and the 11+ examination to the Grammar Schools should parents wish.

The choice of Senior School is very important and parents are offered advice concerning their child’s future. Many pupils make the transition into the next stage of their education at Leehurst Swan and families benefit by having all their children at one school.

I am glad I went to Leehurst it is a kind and thoughtful school. If I hadn’t gone there I probably wouldn’t have passed the 11+.

Year 6 Leaver