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Independent Co-Educational Day School

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Foundation Stage 0 – 5 years

Nestlings Age 6 weeks to 2 years (The Nest) Cygnets Age 2 to 4 years (Pre-School) Swans Age 4 to 5 years (Reception)

Education at the Foundation Stage is enriched by a variety of play based activities which are available within our ‘free-flow’ indoor and outdoor provision and Forest School Garden.  Online Interactive Learning Diaries inform and include parents to record and share children’s achievements.

Carefully structured activities develop and encourage the children who make rapid progress as learning is fun and natural.

The Early Years Foundation stage has three prime areas of learning:

  • communication and language
    Staff  help to develop the confidence to acquire speaking and listening and early literacy skills through stories, songs and rhymes.  Children are given the opportunity to talk and share ideas and thoughts.
  • physical development
    The children have many opportunities to explore movement and space through running, climbing and physical activities.  We start each morning with ‘Brain Gym’ to help stimulate the brain cells. Children learn about health and self-care.
  • personal, social and emotional development
    Children learn to play co-operatively and collaboratively.  Staff support and encourage the children to develop self-esteem and social and emotional skills and to care for each other and their environment’ to become confident independent learners.

and four specific areas:

  • literacy development
    We acknowledge the importance of a sound and thorough grounding in literacy skills which are taught in a range of situations.  Children will learn their letters and sounds and go onto read books at school and through home learning.  Children learn to write their names and go on to write independently in cursive handwriting.
  • mathematical development
    The children learn about sorting and matching, shape, space and measure, pattern and recognising, writing and using numbers.  Children are supported in developing their skills in a wide range of activities and then go on to count, add, subtract and share.
  • understanding the world
    We offer opportunities for children to explore and investigate the world around them eg, people, creatures, plants and objects in their natural environment.  We have regular visitors into school and children spend time in our Forest School Garden learning many skills from the activities. Children are taught to use a range of technology including computers and interactive whiteboards.
  • expressive arts and design
    Children sing songs, make music and dance developing imagination and imaginative play.  We experiment with colour design, texture and form using a variety of materials.  Children use these skills to their performances throughout the year.

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Prep School

Ages 5 - 11 years

The Nest & Pre-Prep

Ages 6 weeks - 5 years