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Physical Education

Sport at the school is for all, not just an elite few. All pupils are coached to take part.

We encourage good sportsmanship and fair play at all times. Football, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket and Rounders are the major games but there is a wide variety of other sports including, Swimming, Tennis, Gymnastics, Basketball, Badminton, Athletics and Cross-country. We have a full fixtures list with other schools and inter-house competitions help pupils to develop their team skills.

Clubs and squad training provide the opportunity for as many pupils as possible to participate in a variety of physical activities, whatever the level of individual ability. At Leehurst Swan we have a sports hall for indoor sports, a large well maintained playing field on site, in addition to a sports field and pavilion located in the picturesque Cathedral Close, four hard tennis courts, two netball courts and cricket nets.

GCSE Physical Education

If you love sport, then this course is definitely for you as the emphasis is very much on your practical rather than written exam performance. However, it is well recognised by employers and universities and is a valuable GCSE to include in a pupil’s portfolio. Leehurst Swan’s own current staffing expertise also include an OCR appointed practical moderator whose task is to visit other school’s to ensure their teachers apply the correct standards in making assessment judgements.