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Candidates should show an interpretative response to imagery achieved through lens based media.

They must show at least two approaches to photography.

  • Black and White (including dark room skills)
  • Colour
  • Digital
  • Photo montage
  • Candidates need to fulfil the four objective assessment criteria.
  • Visual recording
  • Understanding contexts in art, craft and design.
  • Practical development
  • Realising intentions

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate skills through a variety of processes and techniques in their approaches to image making.

  • Visual analysis – depth of field, film speed, shutter speed, lighting, exposure and viewpoint.
  • Experimenting with media, processes and techniques
  • Development of ideas

A wide range of techniques will be explored. 

Darkroom practice, lighting and exposure, composition, alternative print processes (liquid emulsions, scanning, printing on textured surfaces) photo mosaic, montage, digital manipulation of work using Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop elements 4.