Leehurst Swan School


Independent Co-Educational Day School

Tel: 01722 333094

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Leehurst Swan Learning Fundamentals

Learning Fundamentals 2021-22

Senior Homework Timetable 2021-22


Leave of Absence

If you would like to take your child out of school temporarily, please apply by completing this Pupil leave of absence request form.

Pupil leave of absence request.


Contacting After School Care

The school switchboard is manned each day until 18:00 and will divert your call.


Pastoral Coordinators

Prep Mrs Oldham (neé Doré) c.oldham@leehurstswan.org.uk
Senior Mrs Bateman m.bateman@leehurstswan.org.uk


Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice 2021

Contacting Staff

In the event of a pupil's absence from school, notification MUST go to registrar@leehurstswan.org.uk.

Please direct any queries or concerns directly to the approporiate member of staff (e.g. subject teacher or form tutor), rather than going through reception. Staff will get back to you as promptly as possible, however I would equally ask you to be understanding that this is not likely to be until the following working day. Emails sent in the evenings or at weekends, for example, will not receive a response until staff are back in school. Key email addresses are listed below.


Mr T. Ayres - patohm@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mr B. Baker - b.baker@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs L. Barker - l.barker@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs M. Bateman - m.bateman@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs S. Campbell-Colquhoun - s.campbellcolquhoun@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs L. Chater - bursar@leehurstswan.org.uk

Ms S. Collins - s.collins@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs C.A. Danquah - c.danquah@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mr J.W. Fleming - j.fleming@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mr D. Gamble - d.gamble@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs E.M. Gimenez - e.gimenez@leehurstswan.org.uk

Sra D. Gonzalez - d.gonzalez@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs K. Hamilton - k.hamilton@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs J. Hind - j.hind@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs V. Jackson - v.jackson@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs. K. Joss - k.joss@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs E. Lewis - e.lewis@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mr D. Liversage - d.liversage@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs C. Oldham - c.oldham@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs R. Orchard - r.orchard@leehurstswan.org.uk

Miss J. Patrick - accountsclerk@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs F. Pearce - f.pearce@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs B. Smith - registrar@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mr T. Sutcliffe - t.sutcliffe@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs V. Thomas - v.thomas@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs R. Thompson - r.thompson@leehurstswan.org.uk

Miss A. Tyrrell - a.tyrrell@leehurstswan.org.uk

Miss J.S. Veratau - j.veratau@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs S.M. Ware - s.ware@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mr T. Willan - t.willan@leehurstswan.org.uk

Ms O. Williams - o.williams@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs E. Wilson - e.wilson@leehurstswan.org.uk

Mrs B. Wright - b.wright@leehurstswan.org.uk


Head Pupils 2021/22



Head Girl Olivia
Head Boy Jake
Sports Captain (Girl) Florence
Sports Captain (Boy) Jacob

Senior positions are held from May 2021 until April 2022



Head Girl Bethany
Deputy Head Girl Jessica
Head Boy Oscar 
Deputy Head Boy Charlie B
Sports Captains John & Charlie R
R/Y1 Prefects Jasmine & Freddy
Y2/3 Prefects Wystan & Chris
Y4 Prefects Henry & Luke
Y5 Prefects Isaac & Ollie
Librarians Guy & Edward

Prep positions are held between September 2021 to July 2022


House Captains 2021/22



Constable Edward
Fawcett Isaac
Golding Henry 
Herbert Freddie 


Constable Zerlina
Fawcett Lottie & Immy
Golding Harvey
Herbert Alex