Leehurst Swan School


Independent Co-Educational Day School

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Our Curriculum


The curriculum is broad, uses specialist facilities, and is enriched by a varied and interesting programme of clubs and activities.


Early Years Foundation Stage/ Reception Year

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) relates to the reception year and has three prime areas of learning:

1. Communication and language
Staff help to develop the confidence to acquire speaking and listening and early literacy skills through stories, songs and rhymes. Children are given the opportunity to talk and share ideas and thoughts.

2. Physical development
The children have many opportunities to explore movement and space through running, climbing and physical activities. We start each morning with ‘Brain Gym’ to help stimulate the brain cells. Children learn about health and self-care.

3. Personal, social and emotional development
Children learn to play co-operatively and collaboratively. Staff support and encourage the children to develop self-esteem and social and emotional skills and to care for each other and their environment to become confident independent learners.

Please find a link to the Government website below outlining the EYFS Framework we must meet as a school to aid the learning, develpment and care of our younger pupils.

 EYFS Framework

Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1)

The curriculum extends beyond the confines of the national curriculum. Every child has a form teacher who gets to know his/her pupils and their talents, and is responsible for pastoral care and progress. The form teacher teaches most of the curriculum, although there are specialist teachers for music, PE, art, design and technology and French. Classes enjoy a wide variety of visits to enrich the work in the classroom. Children also perform in plays, concerts, school assemblies and services.


Years 3 – 6 (Key Stage 2)

We educate, challenge and stimulate children well beyond the boundaries of the national curriculum. In addition to the curriculum taught by the form teacher, regular support is given by specialist teachers in science, art, design and technology, music, modern foreigh languages, PE and ICT, and the best of modern teaching methods are used to stimulate learning. Coaching for the 11 plus examination is offered outside of the curriculum and pupils are prepared for a successful transfer to senior school. High academic standards are encouraged. A wide range of sporting activities is offered and an extensive programme of visits enhances classroom work, including some residential trips.