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We Welcome Philip Oldroyd as Our Interim Headmaster


Leehurst Swan Governors have appointed Mr Philip Oldroyd to stand in as interim Head for two terms in an assisting and consultative role. Mr Oldroyd is widely experienced in all stages of education and will be an invaluable support to our school.

Philip has been a Headmaster for the past 12 years in three different schools and prior to this, a senior school Deputy Head at an all through school (Nursery to 18).  With a passion for sport, especially rugby and cricket, his free time is regularly spent at his local sports clubs and walking his two dogs in the beautiful Norfolk countryside and at the coasts with his family.

Philip believes that ‘each pupil is an individual with different maturity levels, talents and views. By promoting mutual respect, curiosity of mind and independence of spirit we can prepare them to take their place in an ever-changing world. Above all, a happy pupil is a successful pupil.’

Philip will continue to uphold the excellent work and fine traditions that support our high-quality education from Early Years to GCSE. Philip commented that ‘I very much look forward to working with everyone at the school and to meeting everyone over the course of the next six months at drop off or pick up times, school functions, in meetings or on the side lines of the sports pitch.’

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