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Two Winners in Prestigious ISA Essay Writing Competition


We are thrilled to share the news that Leehurst Swan students have won the First Prize in both the girls and boys the ISA essay writing competition for students in Year 9, 10 and 11, which is a prestigious national award open to over 300 schools.

The judge’s first prize winner in the Years 9-11 Girls category, Elizabeth (Y10), submitted a fictional thriller entitled 'No Monsters'.  The ISA Chairperson remarked that 'this was a very well-written piece and what I particularly appreciated was the slow building of atmosphere and the ambiguous nature of the ‘monsters’ themselves.'  A snippet of the essay  read "The dread fills her entire being. Her head is filled with quiet – and it is crushing her. Who knew silence held such weight?"

The first prize winner in the Years 9-11 Boys category, Michael (Y10), wrote a beautiful piece entitled 'Light' about the First World War and the interaction between an Allied and German solider.  The ISA Chairperson commented that 'the quality of Michael’s writing shone through' and highlighted the following passage 'This war was our great adventure; our rite of passage - but the reality was that these young men went off like heroes, but came back in wooden boxes.'

Many congratulations to Elizabeth and Michael. They won an Android tablet each from the ISA, Amazon Vouchers from the English Department and a certificate from the school.

The standard of essays written by Leehurst Swan students was so high that Mrs Trythall agonised over which ones to submit to ISA. Mrs Trythall organised prizes to celebrate the excellent writing of those student who also produced outstanding work.

Leehurst Swan ISA Essay writing (Internal Prize Winners)

  • Year 9: Charlotte and Owen
  • Year 8: Adam and Immy
  • Year 7: Hattie and Ruaraidh
  • Year 6: Zoe and Tod

Congratulations to all and keep up the great work!

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