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Sports Round Up - wc 4 Feb 2019


U13/U14 Rugby V Appleford - 6 February 2019

  • Result:  Leehurst Swan 60 - 50 Appleford
  • Player of the match:  Thomas

An excellent game was played by both sides.  The game changed momentum in several stages; Appleford went on a scoring spree which motivated Leehurst to regain possession several times and go on to score lots of tries.

Leehurst Swan played with great pride and passion. The team played some very good rugby in the second half and were consistent in supporting each other and organising their defensive and attacking lines. It was a vast improvement on last week's match.

Well done boys.

By Mr Digby


Moyles Court Cross Country Competition - 6 February 2019

Our cross country team did the school proud, against a strong field, with some great performances at the annual Moyles Court cross country competition.

By Bru Baker


U13/14 Netball v Appleford - 6 February 2019

  • Result:  Leehurst Swan 13 - 1 Appleford
  • Player of the match:  Lucy

The girls played with a huge amount of energy and it got a little feisty at times, which is better than having no aggression but we did need to calm down at half time! There were, however, a lot of wonderfully encouraging comments made to one another on court which was so lovely to hear as a coach. The Leehurst Swan team beat Appleford comfortably at 13:1, but the opposition never gave up fighting so it was a good match throughout. Some goals were shot right from the circle edge, which got big cheers, and I lost count of the number of interceptions made by our defence! 

By Mrs CC


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