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Pupils Challenge Staff to a Netball Match


The pupils versus staff netball match served up an excellent display of skill, determination and energy. A strong and athletic pupils' team went head-to-head with an experienced and enthusiastic staff team.

The pupils, led by Amelia, started with a really strong team but faced a well drilled and keen staff team, with Captain Mrs Pearce owning the Centre role.  Mr Digby and Mrs CC stopped everything at the back.  Mr Liversage and Mr Wilson played on the wings and it was soon 3-0 to the staff with goals from Mrs Saville and Mrs Veratau.

Freddie, Adam, Max and Brodie then found a rich vein of form and dominated the middle of the court.  Amelia, Lois, and Immy had shot after shot saved by the towering defensive wall of Mr Digby and Mrs CC.

After the half time break, the pupils attacked hard. Mr Digby was strong in defence but Tom, Ben, Alex, and Lucy laid siege to the staff D. Thus it came, the deserved goal from the pupils, scored by Immy. The crowd went wild.

With time running out, and the battle wounded piling up, Mrs Pearce took a tumble, staff were gasping for breath, and it was nail biting stuff.  Then the best move of the match... a pass from Mrs CC, to Mr Wilson, to Mr Digby, who lobbed the towering pair of Ben and Max to find Ms Veratau, to Mrs Saville for her second goal and the team's fourth.


It was 4-1 to the staff team at the end of a fantastic match played in wonderful spirit. Had the match been a little longer the stamina and boundless energy of the pupils' team may have turned it around.

There was lots of cheering from supporters, which included three special guest visitors - Mrs Woodman and her new twin girls!

Final whistle and the end to a fantastic match played in wonderful sprit. Well played to all.  It was great fun!

  • Result:  Pupils 1-4 Staff
  • Scorers (staff):  Mrs Veratau x2; Mrs Saville x 2
  • Scorer (pupils):  Immy

Report by Bru Baker

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