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Prize Giving 2019


Yesterday's prize giving for pupils from Year 5 to Year 10 was opened with a welcome and address from Headmaster Mr Phil Oldroyd.

Guest of honour, Miss Trish Patterson, presented an inspirational talk.  Miss Patterson co-founded Hidden Strength. She uses her experience in war zones, global business teams, parenting and coaching to create a unique toolbox of techniques and strategies to inspire and enable individuals.  She helps teams to discover their internal resources to meet the challenges that face them and achieve their full potential.   

“Prize Giving was both inspirational and hugely enjoyable.  It is a wonderful opportunity to review the past year with parents and pupils and celebrate the success of both the school and the pupils,” said Headmaster Phil Oldroyd.

Our Prep Head Pupils, Matilda and Thomas, gave confident speeches and our Senior Head pupils, Max and Immy, presented a Vote of Thanks at the end to guest speaker Miss Patterson.

Mrs Bayliss closed the evening with a farewell prayer.

As Mr Oldroyd remarked: "As much as we would like to, we cannot give prizes to everybody.  However, we are very proud of all of our pupils and it is our privilege to teach you.  Every child has a special talent and personality and each one will go on to put these to good use in later life; to forge happy and successful lives."

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