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Outstanding Nursery Reborn


From the 1st April the nursery at Leehurst Swan will be under new management. The Bourne Valley Nursery Group has a well-established reputation for high quality nursery provision and will be running the nursery at Leehurst Swan. The nursery will be called Cygnets Day Nursery.

The Bourne Valley Nursery Group has been operating since 2001 in the Salisbury area and already has four nurseries. In their recent inspection they, too, were awarded ‘Outstanding’, and they offer an excellent ideological fit with existing Leehurst Swan parents and pupils. Considerable work has gone into ensuring the change goes ahead smoothly, for the benefit of existing children and staff.

Mrs Gaenor Nokes, Managing Director says “I am delighted at the opportunity to move in to an outstanding setting. I am confident that this will complement the Bourne Valley philosophy and we will continue to provide outstanding nursery care and education on the Leehurst Swan site.”

Most nursery staff have transferred to the Cygnets Day Nursery, so children will receive absolute continuity of care.

Leehurst Swan has a bright future ahead. Our offering is enhanced by a leader-in-class nursery partnering with us.


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