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Hockey Win for U14s Against Godolphin


U14 Hockey - Tuesday 5 December 2017

Leehurst Swan 1 - 0 Godolphin

  • Scorer: Will
  • Player of the match: Lottie

What an outstanding, enjoyable, nicely played game of hockey! A credit to the school!

With lots of illness and late withdrawals from the team, Leehurst Swan went with armed with volunteers to meet a very good opposition.  This was a fantastic result, against a school that prides itself on its hockey.

After a nervy start, with lots of players getting use to the surface and ball, Leehurst Swan started to pass the ball around nicely.

The brilliant defensive team of Freddie, Max, and Brodie, meant that goalie Charlie 'the rock' had nothing to do all game. Not one attack reached the Leehurst Swan goal!

The midfield team (guided by Will) of Jake, Adam T, Andrew, and Adam C, found their feet, took control, and did not allow the opposition time on the ball, pressuring them to make mistakes. This meant leehurst Swan winning the ball and getting it to the strike team of Cooper, Ruaraidh, and Lottie.

With the first half drawing to a close, Will dribbled his way past four opposition players and struck a reverse shot low into the left hand corner of the goal. So hard, so fast! Outstanding!

Half time 1-0 to Leehurst Swan.

A quick team talk, making sure everyone knows what to do and how, Leehurst Swan started the second half with speed and a lot of confidence. Jake and Adam C linked up really well to release Andrew, who found the forwards in space. Shot after shot, for Cooper, Lottie, and Ruaraidh, but just could not get past the opposition and their goalkeeper.

At one time there were 9 opposition players in their own 'D'.

With time running out, the defence again held firm allowing nothing to get past them. Max and Freddie were fantastic. They even pushed Brodie up to attack down the right wing, who found his brother at the far post but Cooper just failed to score, even with a remarkable sliding dive!

Lottie ran her socks off and really caused mayhem in the opposition's defence.

Final score 1-0 LHS

A big thank you to all the parents who came to support.

Report by Bru Baker

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