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Modern World History

Modern History provides an excellent understanding of the world we live in today. At Leehurst Swan we follow the Cambridge IGCSE History course, which is separated and examined in three components. In Year 10, students are asked to question whether the post war peace treaties of 1918-23 were fair, they then consider whether the League of Nations was a success and why peace had collapsed by 1939. At this point we begin our depth study of Germany 1918-1945 and start preparing for coursework on the same topic. Coursework is completed during the first term of Year 11 after which, we focus on the development of the Cold War by considering the spread of communism and the attempt at containment by the USA and her allies. Students will then be asked to contemplate how securely the USSR had control over Eastern Europe 1948-89 and finally, question why events in the Gulf mattered between 1970 and 2000. A further depth study on the World War One 1914-18 will have been completed in Year 9.

The course is designed to lead naturally to History A Level and is also very useful for the study of Government and Politics and Law. It also compliments A Level English. The advantages of History do not stop there, however. The ability to analyse material, to consider people’s motivation and to form and justify your own opinions both orally and on paper, are valued skills in employment. History does not just equip students for teaching, museums and libraries, but also for law, journalism, publishing, administration and management. History is also popular as a leisure pursuit and forms a useful background to films and television programmes.