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Mini and Junior Duke Awards

The Mini and Junior Duke scheme was set up by Capable Kids and aims to encourage independence and self-motivation.  There are ten age-appropriate challenges in each of the bronze, silver, gold and platinum award levels.  Through the scheme, our pupils pick up skills in first aid, ICT, languages, art, drama, music, sport and other life skills such as cookery and using a tyre puncture repair.


"‘It has been such a beneficial experience for our prep pupils to be involved with the Mini and Junior Duke Award. The pupils have developed a wide range of skills by completing the various challenges and it has been wonderful to see the pupils glow with their feeling of achievement." Mrs Bateman, Headteacher


"The Mini and Junior Duke Awards give our learners an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom and to learn important life skills in a fun and safe home environment.  The scheme links really well with our school’s can-do culture where we give children the time and space to explore and develop their independence." Mrs Oldham, Head of Prep


"I have just completed my Bronze Junior Duke Award and can’t wait to start on the Silver!" (Year 4)


"Preparing our family dinner was really fun and I want to do it more often." (Year 5)


"I made sure our First Aid kit at home had everything in it and could help my brother when he grazed his knee." (Year 3)