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Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice is a culture that is embedded in our school and one that is often remarked upon by parents, both past and present.

Our family atmosphere, small class sizes and individual attention means that we know, and have time for, each individual child.  We support and encourage our pupils in the classroom and celebrate their achievements outside of school.  Children may find their voice in maths, in art, on the sports field or in any number of ways.  Finding their strengths and giving pupils the opportunity to fly will boost their self-esteem.  Self-confidence opens doors and encourages pupils to take risks, express their creativity in class assignments and invest in the work they produce at school. Confidence plays a crucial role in pupils’ learning outcomes.

Here are just a handful of Find Your Voice examples highlighted by the Leehurst Swan team:

  • A shy child who took to the stage with remarkable confidence and went on to excel at LAMDA exams
  • An academic child who found an enjoyment of sport and team games
  • A timid child who didn’t speak in class who now fearlessly raises a hand regularly!
  • A student who did not pass their 11+ but did extremely well in their GCSEs at Leehurst Swan and went on to Oxbridge
  • A highly-spirited tot, who went on to be a prefect
  • A child who may not get an academic prize but has produced wonderfully creative artwork that has been hung in galleries