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English Literature

The importance of reading in an age where the television and computer appear the more attractive options to the 14 to 16 age group cannot be over-emphasised. Cambridge English Literature IGCSE course ensures that each student, whether an avid or a reluctant reader, experiences high-quality novels, poetry and plays. Texts are chosen each year to suit the interests and abilities of the class and comprise of texts both modern and classic. The analytical and evaluative skills acquired during the course are transferable to other subjects in the curriculum, and will influence the students’ critical response to books and films they encounter in their adult years.

Cambridge IGCSE English Literature aims to develop learners who:

  • Enjoy the experience of reading literature
  • Understand and respond to literary texts in different forms, and from different periods and cultures
  • Communicate an informed personal response appropriately and effectively
  • Appreciate different ways in which writers achieve their effects
  • Experience literature’s contribution to aesthetic, imaginative and intellectual growth
  • Explore the contribution of literature to an understanding of areas of human concern

The course is assessed through two exams- ‘Poetry and Prose’ and ‘Understanding Drama’ worth 75%. 25% of marks awarded are for Literature coursework.

English Literature IGCSE provides the ideal foundation for AS and A level English Literature and the study of literature in Modern Language courses. It is an impressive qualification both to colleges and employers.