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Design Technology

This course takes a practical approach to Design and Technology.  You are encouraged to design and make products with creativity and originality in a variety of practical activities using a range of materials and techniques.

Pupils build on the knowledge and skills developed during Key Stage 3.  They learn about materials (woods, metals, plastics, composites and smart materials) and components, adhesives and finishes.  Preparing and marking out materials, cutting, shaping, bending, forming, casting, moulding and joining are also taught.  Both modern and traditional skills are taught and pupils build and complete a number of items in different materials.

Pupils have the opportunity to use different CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) techniques to make products and learn more about design and market influences and develop a range of 2D/3D techniques to communicate ideas.  Pupils also study industrial processes and manufacturing and learn about quality control.  Other areas covered include sustainability, social, environmental and economic issues, consumer rights and Health and Safety.