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11 Plus Preparation

As an independent school, we are not restricted by the national curriculum. Our syllabus remains broad and balanced with a continued emphasis on creativity, questioning and independent thinking which prepares our children for secondary education, be it in the Leehurst Swan senior school, the state system or the local grammar schools.

We believe that every individual in our care should be provided with the opportunity to engage with the 11+ process and thus consider a grammar school secondary education. As such, we are proud to offer 11+ familiarisation sessions to all of our Prep pupils.

We offer 11+ familiarisation sessions to pupils in Year Five and, in September 2021, we were excited to further embed our 11+ sessions within our curriculum by extending our offering to pupils from Year Three. In Years Three and Four, preparation will focus on core maths and English skills to secure the fundamentals.

At Leehurst Swan, we keep a close eye on those engaging with the 11+ process and carefully monitor their wellbeing, alongside their progress. We work in partnership with parents and feedback any concerns to ensure that every child is fully supported.

To find out more about 11+ preparation at Leehurst Swan School, please click here to read Mrs Oldham’s article.


11+ Results

  2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-2022
% of Leehurst Swan Y6 pupils sitting 11+ 52% 63% 67% 55%
% of above pupils who passed 92% 73% 81% 60%
% of pupils who attended Leehurst Swan 11+ sessions who passed 92% 85% 100% 60%